Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year! С Новым Годом!

My mother had us all in stitches while she was here over her inability to pronounce "Snegurochka." How I wish I had a recording of all the various mutations she uttered of what Russians call Grandfather Frost's granddaughter ! Chechnorushka, Chichnyaogozhka, Shishkarochka...

I couldn't resist these sparklers in the grocery store when I saw that they had Snegurochka on the packet...

Earlier in the day we went to the Moscow Circus to see their special New Year's show. It was a lot of fun and we really enjoyed it. Who knew you could train porcupines? There were also reindeer, arctic foxes and a breakdancing seal... Not your usual circus fare!

It's too bad that the Moscow fireworks lasted LITERALLY all night long; my poor mother didn't get ANY sleep before heading back to America... The fireworks are still going strong tonight. Russians never miss an excuse to party.

When I think of the police in New York, it's often with real longing... FORGET ever calling in a noise complaint here... NOTHING would happen as a result and you could possible end up creating headaches for yourself that would be worse than those caused by some excess noise...

I think my mom now "gets it," though, about why my kids react with a "Yeah? So what?" attitude whenever July 4th fireworks are mentioned by anyone in CT. We've had enough...


On the way back from the airport today, the kids and I had a really good time talking. For once there was NO traffic, so there wasn't much stress, either. We literally flew to and from Sheremetyevo in 1/5th of the usual time. It was actually bizarre to see normally bumper-to-bumper main roads basically empty.

I kept hoping to find a bite to eat, and we even stopped at Mega Mall Himki with the intention of having lunch at IKEA before seeing the new Princess and the Frog movie. That's when I discovered that Moscow, yes, the whole city, is basically closed until 2 p.m. on New Year's Day. Good to know.

In any case, back to that chat... Natalia had made a New Year's wish that "the world would never die" and I hadn't quite known what she meant. She then explained that she hoped the whole world would be end up in Heaven, never truly dying. She really loves her Children's Bible and talked about her wish for quite a while. It was really nice to have that quiet, loving time with my girls after such a hectic month!


Hevel said...

*waving hi*

I know what you mean about the American fireworks. After my kids got used to a half hour intense fireworks display over the Danube with music, concerts and an airshow before on August 20th, they went to the States last July. After the 4th of July fireworks were over, my youngest kept waiting for it to continue, because ten minutes just will not do.

Tami said...

LOVE the video. I got the giggles too! :)
What a treat not to have all the traffic on the drive back from the airport.
Happy New Year! :)

garnet said...

The circus sounds fantastic. I'd love to see a trained porcupine.

No, never in a million years would I be able to pronounce that word either. My husband is always giving me a hard time about my inability to pronounce things.

My son has lately started saying during his prayers that he wishes "Everyone on every, every, every, every (we've had to cut down on the "every"s) continent will go to heaven. I think he would identify well with Natalia.

Annie said...

We were in Moscow for Moscow Day and I remember all the fireworks; didn't worry me!

The video was funny - or, Tina was funny! :)

It was almost haunting at the end with the line about "I wish the world would never die!" and then the sparkler dropping.

Anonymous said...

Since you brought it up, how do you pronounce "Snegurochka". I just bought the book "How the Russian Snow Maiden helped Santa Claus" for the 2nd anniversary of his adoption day. I struggled trying to say this word and will never know if I am correct unless you help me. Please, please, please???



Michael_Kuznetsov said...

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Annie said...

Tina - you will appreciate this - at our Russian Yolka party on Saturday, I got to narrate the little play and had to say "Snegurotchka" out loud quite a few times - thought of you every time!