Friday, January 1, 2010

Skating on Red Square


Tuesday we went skating on Red Square, at probably the most amazing rink in the world. For the past few years, a rink has been erected there and it's extremely popular. You enter through GUM, the famous department store, where we posed by this big skate. It's decorated in the logos of Bosco Cilieghi, the company that designs and sells the Russian Olympic Team clothing. It's gorgeous, but MAN is it expensive! Almost $400 for a warm-up jacket?!

Here's Katya with Cheburashka, the Olympic mascot. The first time I came to Russia, in 1991, I worked as a translator for the author who invented Cheburashka. It boggles my mind to think of how much Moscow has changed since then!

My mom had a really great time, even though she didn't join us on the ice.

The setting is truly spectacular. It's surreal to twirl by Lenin's mausoleum, though. If he only knew...

We could have skated for an hour, but I thought some of the men on the ice might have had too much to drink beforehand... They were going very fast and I got nervous for the girls' safety. To top it all off, some teen girls then lit up a pack of sparklers as they skated! Sure, let's add sharp metal objects that are on fire to the mix! We'll go back some other time, first thing in the morning.

Red Square was actually closed for some reason, but I managed to get a few pictures from the edge of the rink. I love how this picture shows how happy the girls and my mom were!

She's now flying over the Atlantic Ocean, headed home...


Hevel said...

Judging from the Hungarian book Lenin's Little Lanterns he wouldn't have objected to people skating on the Red Square. :-)

Happy 2010!

Tina in CT said...

In that one picture, I look like I'm about to topple over when I was striking a pose.

I'm home and off to bed.

Elle J said...

Your pictures are great! Love the one with you and your sweeties by the ice skate ~ and your mom is so cute bundled up with her granddaughters. Seems like your time went way too fast with your mom; I can't believe she's already back home.

garnet said...

How fun! Great pictures. Though it does look as if it were rather on the cold side, based on the amount of clothing everyone is wearing.

My son has recently -- and I have no idea why -- gotten the idea that he wants to go skating. There is actually a place somewhere in Nairobi but I hear it is very expensive. Nor can I actually see him managing to stand up on the ice. However, I think we need to try it some time.

Annie said...

I LOVE the photo of Tina and the girls!

I got Nastya a Bosco Cilieghi warm-up jacket when we were in Moscow last time - past year's style, on the sale rack, and even then spent ALL my "spend this for something for yourself" money on it. I just loved it so much. Fortunately, she did too and has worn it a lot.

Anonymous said...

Either your oldest daughter has really grown or maybe your mother is just not as tall as I remember. So nice that your mom got to come visit for the holidays. I'd give anything to see Moscow again.


Tina in CT said...

Granted, I am short but I'm still taller than Katya. Because of the snow, we're not on level ground.