Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Time Standing Still

Well, it hasn't exactly "stood still," but in some ways it feels as if it has... I spent last week denying I was sick, increasingly weak. I'd been worn down since December (or, well, November), to be honest... (As you regular readers know, I haven't had the energy to post regularly in weeks). Then when both girls got sick as well, it pushed me over the edge. Last Friday Talia had a fever throughout the night and I spent many hours off and on taking care of her. Saturday morning Katya awoke with a high fever, too--accompanied by an achy back and sore neck.

My friend, our school doctor, insisted we go to the hospital immediately to rule out meningitis. Our French family practitioner squeezed all three of us in between patients. Seven hours later, we left with three diagnoses: a virus "méningal" that isn't actually meningitis (Katya); bronchitis (Natalia); and Strep throat/high viral blood count indicating fatigue (me).

Oh, yeah... And throw in a petit mal seizure (Katya) when she panicked about having blood drawn. (She gets reflex anoxic seizures, but only rarely). Ay. It was LOUD as she tried to avoid the needle... A woman I know was waiting in the hallway, seven months pregnant with her first child... Her eyes were WIDE when we finally walked out!

If you look back at the picture of Katya in the bed, you'll see that even the mattresses have "bakhili"! (I've written before the ubiquitous blue plastic covers you have to slip onto your shoes when indoors here).

So... It's now Wednesday, and Natalia & I are still home sick. I made it through the weekend on my own with both kids, and miraculously felt a bit better on Monday morning—but then I crashed again. I've missed work all week (!!); I have no energy and my throat still hurts. I'm going to go see the school doctor; maybe he'll have some new advice. In the meantime, it's SNUGGLE TIME (to quote Natalia) chez Smith.


Michelle said...

I am so sorry you all are feeling poorly. I had been wondering about you since you hadn't posted in awhile.

Enjoy the snuggle time and I hope you are on the mend quickly so we can return to the adventures in Moscow. I love reading about your adventures. I really enjoy the pictures too.

Elle J said...

That is just awful and no fun. I hope you guys get back to good health and stay for a very long time! Sweet cuddles with your girls ~ wishing you well.

Tina in CT said...

You sounded worse this morning when I spoke with you.

The picture of you with your eyes closed and snuggling with Natalia - OMG, it looks like a younger me so much! One good thing is that I have good skin so that's a plus for you.

Hope you are resting and getting stronger today. Has Amina made chicken noodle soup for all of you?

I hope this weekend Chris will be around to help.

The Expatresse said...

Oh, poor you! I was wondering why the site was so quiet.

Let me know if there is anything I can do.

Annie said...

You poor thing...... Ever consider that you overdo it in the winter? I know it is hard when you are around kids all the time to avoid the germs, though. I hope you all feel better soon; the snuggling should help.

Tina - I have thought that Tamara looks a lot like you! Did she look like Katya when she was little?

katbat said...

Oh I hope you all feel better soon! Leo went to the Dr last week with a high fever and sore throat - was diagnosed with a virus and also a secondary bacterial infection. Came out with script for high dose antibiotics (they look like horse pills!) - they seem to have worked as he is better (he hasnt had antibiotics in maybe 20 years!). Hope you all recover quickly!

Natalie said...

love that picture! glad you are all getting better, even if it is slow going... better than having meningitis!

Tina in CT said...


No, Tamara did not look like Katya when little but more like Natalia but with blond hair (and then light brown hair). Katya looks more like her father's family I think. I have a few pictures from my childhood that Natalia looks like (and especially when she has her hair in braids).

kristin said...

Hope you feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

Did they test you for Mono? I had it back in the fall and the symptoms were very similar.

Jojo, Julz, Julianne said...

Do you all get flu shots? Because it seems like when your girlz get sick, they get SiCk!!
And I saw on another blog that it is somewhat cumbersome to go to the doctor...Is it like that for you? Does anyone just go to a doctor with an office and not a big clinic? or is that NOT DONE??
Where do the Russian families go?
Hmmm, just wondering.

Anonymous said...

I hope you all will feel better soon!
It is just way too much to have all three of you sick at the same time.

Happymom4 aka Hope Anne said...

I hope you feel better REALLY SOON. If you can get something like "Go Ruby Go" or "Barley Life" and start drinking it for extra nutrition, it might help. My Russian born princess takes the Go Ruby Go every day and it's helped her immune system a lot.