Thursday, January 28, 2010

You Want Me to...WHAT?!

So I went to see our school doctor, also a good friend, since I wasn't responding to the medicine prescribed by my regular doctor at the European Medical Center.

He... surprise, surprise... confirmed that I am, indeed, still sick, and that the Strep throat doesn't seem to have gone away. He scraped my tonsils, removing all kinds of infected white gook. It makes sense to do that! How can all the medicines really work when there's such infected build-up? He cleaned my tonsils when I had Strep in Italy, and I got well within a few days.

This time, though, he wanted to approach things differently. "Hmm... You are really ill, and your immune system is shot... It's time for an untraditional approach; are you up for that?" Well, I DO want to get well... But I instantly remembered our trip to Ukraine in 2006, when our babysitter's husband tried to trick me into taking my chronically-ill kids to a shaman...

So let's just say I was a bit wary.

That's when Peter, the doctor, mentioned "candles." I know that lit candles are somehow used to drain earwax, even though I've never done that, so it seemed somehow feasible... Then he insinuated a different use.

"WHAT?!" I exclaimed, jumping up and back. "You want me to light a candle and stick it WHERE?"

Another day in Moscow, another chuckle for a native-speaker at my expense, and another new word added to my vocabulary. "Свечки" (or "candles") are also suppositories. What a relief! Um, I don't mean that literally...!

I'm now on all new meds, including an antibacterial throat spray made with honey (Russians sure love their honey!), immune-system boosters and a different antibiotic. I'll have to miss school tomorrow, a day that was going to be chock-full of appointments and events... Oh, well. The longer I'm out, the easier it is to not fret over it.

I'm just waiting to see some improvement... For those of you who wondered about mono, yes I was tested for it. The "high viral blood count indicating fatigue" is actually what they measure to diagnose mono, and mine wasn't high enough to make a diagnosis—but high enough to be worrisome.


Tina in CT said...

Ah - yuk! Is it working?

Good to have your own personal doctor and the price is right too.

Jojo, Julz, Julianne said...

Thanks for the update on the medical procedures. I didn't have to have "medicals" done for my adoptions so I never experienced any doctors. My girls had a quick "review" for their visas, but we "greased the wheel" and the doctor came to our hotel/apartment.
The cost only increased by 30 or so dollars. I would have paid hundreds to stay out of traffic!!
I am glad you are on new meds. I hope you guys get well soon.
My suggestion is that you take a few more days off and STAY IN THE BED the entire day.

Anonymous said...

You got me with candles too - I thought that your new shaman will make you swallow them lighted. I forgot the other use of the word.
Good luck with your new regiment, hope it will help. It is so hard to be so sick with two small children and stressful job on the top of it.
Get well,

Happymom4 aka Hope Anne said...

Candle'ing your ears works really great for keeping ear infections at bay . . . also helps if your ears get "gunky" from allergies! It's important to read and understand all the safety steps before doing so though . . . and never, ever try to do it to yourself! Always have another adult do it for you. As to the other . . . Ahem . . . I don't get how a suppository is supposed to cure what is currently ailing you?! Thanks for all the peeks into life in Russia!

Katya said...

Ugh. Poor you!! I hope you feel better soon!