Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"I Touched a Champion?!"

Back in 2005, I took Katya with me to cheer on the USA at the World Figure Skating Championships here in Moscow. Evan Lysacek won the bronze medal, and Katya got to shake his hand. There weren't than many American fans in the stands, so our sign got us noticed and he was very gracious.

Perhaps we also were noticed because I stupidly walked around all day with the flag backwards on my face. Completely oblivious, I had no idea why some people, including Canadian champion Barbara Underhill, smiled at me a bit oddly in the bathroom! That was back when Natalia still woke me up every hour or so all night long, screaming incessantly in between... I was tired. Really tired. I'm amazed I got the face paint on at all!

GOOD FOR EVAN for planning and executing such a continuously challenging long program. His overall level of difficulty fairly earned him more points than you would receive for a less strenuous program that just happens to contain a quadruple jump... Eh-hem. I think the new scoring system is great. A triple executed cleanly towards the end of a program should earn more points than one popped off in the opening sequence before you're tired!

My students were so sweet the next morning! A group of ninth grade girls came running up to hug me, giving me the most sincere and hearty congratulations on "my" victory! I hadn't even heard the news yet, so it was a nice way to start the day.


Annie said...

That is so sweet of your students. A sign of how the Olympics DO bring us together. I find myself "aching for" both the US AND Russia.

Rachael said...

That is very cool that you had that experience! I thought watching him skate and his emotional display at the medal ceremony was fantastic! (Made me all teary too.)

Katie (and Tony) said...

I LOVE the backward flag! Hysterical!! I would have done the same thing. How else do you put a flag on your face without looking in the mirror? too funny!

Virginia said...

He is a very nice young man, met him several times, and always gracious. I have been following him since 2004 or so. Also, a big plus is the fact my friend knows his dad!