Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rooms With A View

Ben Franklin, along the Freedom Trail

The Chrysler Building, from my window

I'm in America for ten days right now with nineteen sophomores and juniors from our high school, plus three other teachers, touring New England universities. That's why I went so long without blogging... It was INTENSE planning this trip from start to finish. Really. Intense. Oh my goodness intense. I'm the only chaperone who speaks English, so the stress has been very high at times...

It was kind of cool having pictures from my blog, and a quote from my blog, in this month's Aeroflot inflight magazine again... I snagged some of the kids' copies from their seats to keep.

We're lucky to have ended up at some pretty swanky hotels after booking discounts and deals! (But don't get me wrong... There have been some real doozy complications to deal with along the way, and we're doing this on a tight budget). These are views we have had from where we're staying!


garnet said...

Hope you're having a wonderful time and all that planning was worth it -- and worked out for a smooth trip. Don't think it would be something I could ever do! I enjoyed seeing the picture of the Freedom Trail -- we used to take our juniors there every year. Of course, I didn't do the logistical planning for that simple, within-in-one-country trip either!

kristin said...

Oh man, I wish I would have know you were in Boston! You could have all come over! Looks like a fun trip!