Saturday, March 27, 2010

Two Sonyas... Make a Wish!

Yes, here I am on Times Square earlier this week... Between two Sonyas... Which means I had to make a wish!

The girls were really funny. They were taking all kinds of pictures amongst themselves, when all of the sudden they insisted I get between them for a photo so I could make a wish.

Come to think of it, I had heard of that Russian superstition from Katya. If you find yourself between two people with the same name and you make a wish, it will come true.

As far as Russian superstitions go, I'll take that one!


garnet said...

I agree -- this is one superstition I could get used to. And what adorable girls. I hope they are having a wonderful time in the U.S.

Rachael said...

I love that! This is the first I've heard it. Next time we get together though, I'll be sure to get between our Katyas for a wish.

Elle J said...

Great photo of you! Looks like you are having fun.

Tina in CT said...

I hope your wish was to move back to the US to make the grandparents very happy.

Your mother

Anonymous said...

I can not believe it, but we were at the same place at the same day just few hours before you on our way to the opera. Too bad we did not know that you were in NYC.
Great picture of you with 2 Sonias! I had the same thought as your mother, but you can not disclose your wish to anybody (I think that is the rule).