Sunday, April 4, 2010

Христос Воскрес!

There are posters like this one all over Moscow; mixing up "Happy Easter" with Russian patriotism. (Note how the Russian flag wraps around the eggs).

The windows at Volkonsky Bakery were also absolutely charming yesterday...

The bread featured above is "kulich," a "pannetone"-type bread (think dry-ish Challah with dried fruits, some nuts, and icing) that Russians eat on Easter. The "XB" stands for "Chris is Risen."

All over Moscow you see "постные продукты" (no meat, no dairy, low-fat) during Lent. It's great! You can get some really tasty vegetarian dishes this way! So, basically, if you're Vegan or Vegetarian, Lent is the time to visit Moscow!


Annie said...

I want so much to like Kulich - and really can't! But it reminds me of a friend who was telling me she was going to make an Italian desert for Easter - "It's laborious....and really not very good." Um...I really couldn't resist, and had to ask, "Well, why not make something easy and tasty?"

Perhaps there are these dishes in all cultures.

Tina in CT said...

The shop windows are so pretty but that's to be expected as that bakery is fantastic. They are so artistic. said...

LOL! We went to the same bakery on Sunday and I took the same pictures. I am surprise we did not run into

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter!
Do they sell pasxa in the stores too?

garnet said...

Love the pictures of the Easter decorations. I miss seeing things such as that. There are two days off here for Easter (not that our school, as a boarding school) gets them, but not many decorations around -- at least of this pretty sort. The Kulich sounds rather like the Romanian cozonac (not sure if that is spelled right) which I've never liked as it is just too much like bread for me.