Thursday, May 6, 2010

Afternoon Walk: Christ the Savior Cathedral

This big bell adorns a holiday display telling about the Russian Orthodox Church's role during World War II.

Grandmothers and soldiers going to pray.

Click on this picture to enlarge it; the flags all along the bridge before the Kremlin are so pretty!

Yet more locks left by newlyweds (for good luck) along the bridge behind the cathedral. You can see the Kremlin in the background.


Rozmin said...

They have a bridge with locks like that in Odessa, too! I always think it's very romantic. Interesting to see it's also in Moscow. I wonder, how many other cities out there have this?

Tina in CT said...

A year ago today I landed in Moscow after flying out of JFK on my birthday. I wish I were there with all of you. It was such a brief but wonderful visit with all of you, Cecelia, Rachael, Jack and Katya. Wonder how many miles we walked over that long weekend?

Annie said...

Beautiful photos...lovely, lovely. The one of the locks is especially wonderful, somehow.

Anonymous said...

Can you give us more details on the newlywed lock tradition? Is it any old lock?