Friday, May 21, 2010

Данкин Донатс

Here's a good little lesson for people starting to read in Russian... These are the letters that are different when written in Cyrillic...


Just open these cute doors on New Arbat Street, and you're inside...

Yup! Dunkin Donuts! They're back in Russia, after closing shop in 1999 when the ruble tanked and people lost life savings... They opened up again in April. In addition to the standard menu of donuts and munchkins (only a fraction of US offerings), they have salads such as ruccola and shrimp or Caesar... There's also a separate coffee/Coolatta bar.

The interior is SWANKY! What cool seating. And they have free wifi!

After I snapped this picture, I was surprised to realize that a college classmate of mine was seated at a table on the far left! He has been in Moscow even longer than we have and we run into each other occasionally. First year Russian classes seem a lifetime ago...!

I still remember coming to this block of buildings back in 1991... There used to be a foreign grocery store there called "Irish House." I remember using the "for emergencies only" credit card my grandmother had given me to buy orange juice because I NEEDED vitamin C and couldn't get any from any available foods. I never could have imagined the street—or city— the way they look today!

I brought home some pink glazed donuts with sprinkles for the girls. They were THRILLED, as you can see. It's funny, though... They've only ever had donuts a handful of times in their lives. We've only been to Dunkin Donuts in the USA when meeting friends... Just knowing that they're a "taste of home," though, is enough to elevate them to "YAY!" status.


Tina in CT said...

Can you hear me laughing at Natalia's picture?

So many people I know just love their coffee.

The place looks very cute.

I can't recall your being in Russian I in college as you were speaking it so well before your senior year in high school.

katbat said...

Another nice thing is their smoking section is separated by a glass door - so it is totally sealed off from the main non-smoking section. yay!

Annie said...

Sorry....but I never get a doughnut here without wanting a "Moscow Doughnut".

zoommer said...

So cool! I love Dunkin Donuts. The interior also looks great. Will defenitely go for some coffee and donut if I be somewhere near to New Arbat.
It's a pitty it's the only DD in Russia :-(

Anonymous said...


now there are already 6 DD in Moscow and they want to open 50 stores only in Moscow in a few years.

But yeh, Moscow has changed dramaticly. Even when you compare nowadays Moscow with Moscow 2001, you can hardly see it is the same city.

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