Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Rouge Terror

Coco Chanel "Rouge" lipstick juxtaposed with Lubyanka, the notorious headquarters (and prison... direct route to Siberian gulags or disappearance...) of the KGB/FSB. Not exactly what Stalin had in mind when thinking of "Communist Red."

That's. Just. Not. Right.

Or maybe it absolutely is.


Anonymous said...

Now, who can tell who had what in their mind?
It is really funny,

Tina in CT said...

How about the luxury car dealer down the street from Lubyanka?

Annie said...

Love your observations!

The Expatresse said...

I attended a talk once by the guy who ran museum in the Lubyanka (which no longer exists).

"It was an insurance company," he told us. "There's no prison in the basement!"

Uh-huh. Yeah. Right.

Russian joke: What is the tallest building in Moscow?

Answer: The Lubyanka. From the basement, you can see Siberia!