Sunday, June 20, 2010


Today Chris, Natalia and I checked out Garazh, the Center for Contemporary Culture that is inside a former bus garage. It's cool!

We really enjoyed the mushrooms and the kids' art room.

I bribed Natalia to pose for this picture by promising her another scrumptious chocolate banana milkshake in the café...

Natalia made a very neat dolphin out of recycled paper and tape and two young artists who were working with the kids were fantastic.

Yeah, I know... She hardly looks "thrilled" here. But she had fun, really. She's just sick of having a blogging mom who is always taking pictures. Ergo the milkshake bribe for the mushroom picture...

The rest of the exhibits? Well... The Feast of Trimalchio was quite interesting, but there were parts that were too scary for Natalia, so we left without seeing it all. The Francesco Vezzoli exhibit, featuring Lady Gaga, wasn't exactly a big hit with us or Natalia... The tears of blood also scared her, although she did find the various costumes interesting.

The Rothko exhibit? I was sure she would find that interesting... Once we got over her, "Huh? I could do that... And I did it when I learned to finger paint..." reaction, I got her to tell me what feeling she thought each painting conveyed—and we actually had a lot of fun examining them all.

We also loved the food in the café—very good prices for Moscow and very tasty. Service? Egad; we waited forever for one of our sandwiches! But we enjoyed ourselves. We will definitely be going back again to Garazh this fall!

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