Sunday, June 13, 2010

Happy Fathers' Day!

Breakfast in bed?
Well, yes, if you consider being offered a bag of Cheetos at 6:30 a.m. breakfast!

Each girl made a song for Chris using "garage band," complete with their own voices recorded singing original lyrics. Katya also gave Chris a bottle of rose oil in a souvenir Greek jar. Not sure when he'll use it, but she was so darn proud! Natalia then bought him a bottle of water from the gift shop, something he was actually really happy to have tonight when thirsty in our room. Katya also found these non-stinging jelly fish for Chris, but he passed...

Special Events?
Chris and Natalia swam all the way out to the little orange buoy ball in the background of the picture below. They had a little raft with them, but she swam pretty much the whole way, enjoying the view below with her mask and snorkel. This was a HUGE accomplishment, because she used to be afraid to go any farther than a pool length into the deep water! She loved seeing the fish swim under her and wasn't scared at all!

She was so darn proud that she, Chris and I did it again in the afternoon. Just look at her joy!

Happy Fathers' Day, Dad and John!! Sorry we're not able to call you from here!!!! We love you, too!

Phew... It's still Fathers' Day in America, so I managed to get this posted in time!! Now I'm OFF TO BED. My strep throat is better today, but I'm definitely still not 100%.


Alena said...

I believe Father's Day is celebrated on the 20th this year... :) It will be fun celebrating it twice! :))

Annie said...

THIS is Father's Day? We've missed it, then. Usually it falls around Aidan's birthday.

Well...he didn't mention it...

Anonymous said...

this type of calculation does not work! I found it out this year.
Father's day usually falls around my son birthday too, so I assumed it was today and took my husband for the breakfast on the beach, at which time he admitted to me that he checked on internet and Father's day is next Sunday.
So we are joining the legions of people who will have 2 Father's days this year!

Tina in CT said...

Better early than late but the US Father's day is next Sunday the 20th.

Is it safe to swim so far out from shore? Sharks? Lifeguards? Yes, it's your worrying mother who also was a lifeguard and swimming instructor in her highschool and college days.

The water looks gorgeous.

Tina in CT said...

Next Sunday have the cards for the girls for Chris that I sent for them to give him.