Sunday, June 13, 2010

Random "Yes, It's a Small Multicultural World" Moment Tonight

Find an mp3 download of an instrumental version of "America the Beautiful," preferably a peppy karaoke-type. Our history teacher wrote a song about Greece to the tune and needs it for the opening of the camp "Olympics" tomorrow.

The lobby of a hotel in Greece.

Background Music
A band playing "Katiusha" while Russian tourists sing along outside the bar.

Random Extra "Ewwww" Factor
While I looked for the song for free, two of my seventh grade boys helped me. (I'm used to only getting music off of iTunes). The Russians are experts in free music downloads, so we were searching through Russian sites... And as we clicked "download" for one version, multiple scenes of p*rn popped up on the computer screen. I just rolled my eyes and minimized the screen until the download was over... Even the boys weren't fazed by it; they're so sick of it always popping up (and spreading viruses) when you're trying to use the computer for valid reasons... And the song didn't even download after that embarrassment... So I then just went to Amazon and purchased the darn song. (Another novel "what a small world" fact to me... That I can purchase music from my USA checking account while sitting anywhere in the world—and have it instantly!)


Tina in CT said...

I hope you aren't having to do much with the school group and are just vegging out at the pool or on the beach and that Natalia is joining the school group so you can rest.

Anonymous said...

That is amazing!
I like it.
The place you are in is so nice.
Hope you feel good enough to enjoy it.

Jennifer said...

This made me laugh!! What is it about those pop up sites that is so vigorous!?!?! And I loved the idea of your students showing you how to grab music off the web for free...I'm also an iTunes only person! Keep up the wonderful posts!

Tina in CT said...

If you're up early Sun., give me a call as I'll be up late.