Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Enrage-A-Lot... Part 2...

The Saga Continues....

Today I'm supposed to call Enrage-A-Lot's New York office to pay the penalties for postponing our return flights to Moscow... The supervisor I FINALLY got to speak with last night (after being told I would have to personally travel to New York by 5 p.m. to personally pay the fees) gave me three numbers with Brooklyn area codes.

None of them work.

None of the New York phone numbers on Enrage-A-Lot's web site work.

None of the Washington D.C. numbers work.

None of the Los Angeles numbers work.

One Seattle number worked. Surprise, surprise—I didn't believe the recording that "my call is very important to them" and didn't bother leaving a message.

I got recordings that they were no longer in service... Or fax tones when the lines weren't supposed to be faxes... Or they rang for three minutes and were never answered. During business hours.

I've now been on hold with a number I found through Google for over 25 minutes. On two phones (using the land line and my mobile) at the same time. So far I have been trying to pay this simple fine for an hour!


***** SURPRISE, SURPRISE!! *****

I got disconnected after five more minutes of waiting. Now I get to try all over again. Oh, and that NYC website they keep mentioning while you're on hold? Doesn't actually exist.

I just went through it all again, and was disconnected on BOTH of the phones for a second time.

What will happen if I just don't pay this fine and show up at the airport on my travel date...??!!

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Annie said...

Can't quite recall the name of the actual site, but I've googled "Talk to a Real Person" and there is a website that gives real, good, human-being numbers for a LOT of companies... It has worked for me a few times.