Saturday, December 18, 2010

Racial Tensions: Update

Nothing has really happened since Wednesday... There are many more officers on the streets, though, particularly at train stations and key subway stops. Teens I know are forbidden from going to the mall with friends, and merchants must definitely be losing out on much-needed business at this crucial time of year!

There's one dark-skinned boy in Katya's class (make that, school—there just is not diversity here like you see in other countries with a culture of immigration... ), and it made me so sad to hear his mom talking about this all... She's afraid he will never get to walk alone outside and be safe here... He's only ten, and yet she's already figuring out how to help him eventually study overseas... He might even go to camp with Katya this summer!

We tossed out the possibility to the kids, and they were so excited! It would be such an eye-opener for him to go somewhere where there are kids from all different bagrounds: African-American, Latino, Asian... And no one really cares!

It's so sad to know that he's only in fourth grade—and it doesn't seem likely that the atmosphere here would have improved that noticeably by the time he's in college...


Tina in CT said...

Yes, it's so sad that there are so many bigoted people there.

I know the boy you are writing about and he is so sweet. What a great idea to have him to to camp with Katya (and hopefully Natalia). I imagine his mother would fly to CT to bring him.

Perhaps he'll go to boarding school here in the US, Great Britain or Europe.

Our schools here (public and private) are such a melting pot.

WrigleyMomma said...

Thank you for the updates in Moscow. We are in Biro right now and headed to Moscow on Saturday to complete our adoption and will be there 5 days before heading back to Chicago. I am a bit nervous, but reading your update helps relieve the stress.

Annie said...

As soon as our school gets the facility to offer the proper sort of visa (the one where they can host exchange students for multiple years, not just one) he can come stay with us! There are already so many exchange students there, it is like a United Nations. Especially, if he is athletic it would be a great experience for him.

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