Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fashionable Prisoners of Forced-Labor Camps

Zek: a prisoner in a forced-labor camp (U.S.S.R.)

Hmmm. So there's this shop at the mall called "Zeki." Whoah... Plural! MULTIPLE prisoners from a forced-labor camp!

What a bizarre shop...

On the right side: fur hats. Serious massive Russian fur hats. Ear flaps and all.

On the left side: skimpy bikinis & bathing suits. The prints and colors? Anything but prison-regulated garb!

So, someone please explain to me, just HOW does this fit into a marketing plan?


Sofia M said...

Hello there
Found your blog a while ago and read it when you have new posts. I'm a very-very ex-pat (left USSR in 1989, when it was Soviet Union, and I was 13:) It's always fun to see how Americans view today's Russia
Anyways - I just looked it up, and turns out that Zeki is a Turkish swimsuit brand :) Nothing to do with prisons

Anonymous said...

Ha, what do you know!
The question remains in my mind - what do uschancky have to do with Turkish swimsuits?
(I am even more ex-ex...pat)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!
Wish you a nice day!

Annie said...

How funny! Maybe prisoners make them. HOW I'd love one of those hats for Sergei! He's dying for a Russian hat....and I doubt I can obtain one before winter's over.

Garnet said...


Ok, but I can see a connection between swimsuits and a forced-labor camp. I'd do almost any labor they wanted in order to not have to put on one of those suits and parade around in front of people in it. Now, I do realize that many Europeans who have the same, err, shape as I do, do this regularly and feel no shame at all, but I am much too American. After my last school trip to a resort at the Kenyan coast which was filled with European tourists -- and NOT teenage tourists -- I came to the conclusion that most people just look better with clothes on, especially the older you get.