Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The One in Which Another Friend Now Blogs

I'd like to welcome one of my former students, now in her last year of law school, to the blogosphere... I just got caught up on many of her prior posts, and she's funny! You'll find, for example:
  • irreverent takes on fashion (and fashion faux-pas...)
  • political and cultural commentary
  • cooking
  • beautiful design and photography
  • feminist wit
She's really great... And she came with us when we first moved to Moscow to help me out for a few weeks. One of my favorite things about her? She gave me one of the best baby gifts ever when Katya was born (her class slowly watched my body double in size...): a letter, written in the best French she could muster, that Katya is supposed to read when she turns fourteen. A letter that basically lays out why I'm awesome—when Katya will be at an age when she will likely be inclined to think otherwise...

You can check her out here.


Garnet said...

What an incredible, amazing gift, not just for your daughter but for you! Hope you keep that in mind when you have days like I had today when you are sure every student is convinced you are out to ruin their lives. On the other hand, somehow I don't suspect that your students probably ever feel that way about you!

Looking forward to checking out the blog.

MoscowMom said...

Hi, there, Garnet... Well, today I had a handful of ninth graders who certainly didn't leave class thinking favorably of me... One even wants to get out of my class to be in another section... Ironically, I think I haven't been nearly tough enough with that group! In the future I certainly will be... I'm not out to be liked—I want to be respected, or for the students to at least know they're learning... Hang in there!

Tina in CT said...

But you have lots of students that love you! Maybe the ones today are students not working up to their potential.

Lois said...

Judging from the stories that my kids tell me about their classmates, the prevailing attitude among school-age kids is to always blame the teacher for the kids' shortcomings. A common complaint is "He can't teach," said about an excellent teacher who holds the kids accountable.

Spicy Marshmallow said...

Your post is so sweet, I was tremendously touched! I've written a little welcome to your readers over at my blog, and posted a few moscow pics.

I can't believe you still have that letter! I shudder to think how pathetic my middle-school attempt at French must have been. Does Katya speak any French?

Also, regarding the teaching thing: it should be noted that we had a rather unique environment at our middle school. It was single-sex, most students were reasonably well-behaved and enjoyed learning, and the classes were quite small. Not to mention, all the mean girls in our year took Spanish, so I think our French class kind of lucked out :)
Plus, Madame taught us in really unusual, fun ways. We spent one week choreographing a dance to a song in "Les Parapluies de Cherbourg," and 10 years later, I still remember every word :)