Saturday, April 9, 2011

Shopping and Dropping...

During our whirlwind trip to the US last week, we went to American Girl in Boston for lunch. Natalia loved the life-sized Kanani display. Natalia's godmother is getting married in Hawaii next summer, so she's particularly interested in learning more about the Hawaiian Girl of the Year. She curled up in the shaved ice stand and started reading Kanani's books.

We just had fun browsing, and Natalia borrowed Kanani from the shelf of "Dine with You" dolls when we went to the café.

I needed some shoes and white t-shirts and luckily there was a 60% off sale at Lord & Taylor's. Poor Natalia, though, literally dropped as I shopped.... Understandable, since we had only flown in the day before!


Tina in CT said...

It was lots of fun but the all night heartburn from the piece of cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory wasn't.

Garnet said...

It looks like so much fun (though at the moment the sleeping part looked like the most fun to me!)

We've never been to an AG store and there is supposedly one opening near the DC area this summer so I hope we can get a chance to go. My daughter is perhaps a bit behind maturity wise other kids her age and is only really now, at age ten, starting to actually play more with the dolls. I know she would love it there.

Anonymous said...

Oh, my daughter would be so jealous! She just got Kanani, her first AG doll, yesterday for her bday and is desperate to visit an AG store. I can't show her your posting!

Glad to see you posted again!

Cheryl in ID