Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bulgakov and Patriarch Ponds

Today's Google logo honors Mikhail Bulgakov, author The Master and Margarita and A Dog's Heart, among many other works. I remember reading those novels back in college, the second one without any translation. That was hard. Since moving here, I've seen a few theatre performances of The Master and Margarita—but I still prefer the book.

One of our favorite areas in Moscow figures prominently in The Master and Margarita: Patriarch Ponds. These pictures were taken in October 2008.

Just off of the Garden Ring Road, tucked between Malaya Bronnaya and Spiridonovka Streets, it's a a pretty area with a little park and pond that people like to skate on in the winter. The Café Margarita is a nice place to go for live music and authentic Russian food in the evening without going broke. It's very small and intimate!


The Expatresse said...

One of my very favorite corners in Moscow. There is also a VERY cool gift shop right near Cafe Margarita. Same side of the street, same block--just a few doors down, as I recall. Gagarin on accent pillows . . . that sort of thing.

Tina in CT said...

What a pretty park. I don't recall going there.

Anonymous said...

I love Master and Margarita! I used to remember many passages by heart!
We saw couple of years ago Russian TV series the friend gave us and I thought it was very good.
Thank you for the pictures!
Have you ever read Rockovyie Yaytsa?

Chris said...

Loved reading the book when I was in college. I was in Moscow in March and was so pleased the Bulgakov Museum and Patriach Ponds were just a short walk from The Peking. Such a hidden gem. Would love to see the park in summer. Thanks for sharing.