Monday, May 2, 2011

Cheering for Our Skaters

Here we are before the Women's Long Programs began at the World Figure Skating Championships on Saturday. I'm so thankful that Jenna McCorkell from Great Britain made it into the final group! Natalia's friend really had her heart set on cheering on someone from "home"! She had looked a little down when she saw the really long banners we had made for Rachel Flatt and Alissa Czisny—but when it came for Jenna to take the ice, she was beaming.

The timing was off a little bit at first—and we found this little fan bouncing up and down, intently beaming her good will to the skater on the ice—who truly didn't look like a good Irish lass... These days, though, you certainly could find an Asian Brit with that last name—but the skater was actually from China, so we got to then cheer on the next, and correct, skater afterward!

The women that came out bearing flowers and bouquets were in HIGH heels, strapless gowns with HIGH slits, and white fur stoles... Very Russia... My friend commented how in the UK, those women would have had on track suits!

Earlier in the day, Natalia had made this card for Alissa Czisny, the US champion. It's so funny! Click on it to read it!

Yeah, sure, they're basically the same! Except, well, Natalia doesn't like skating much! She added in that "But watching you changes my mind..." after I snorted when she read the card to me the first time...! We got it to the US contingent in the first row and they made sure she got it. I wrote on the back, adding in our US mailing address and offering to get her any books/music, etc. to help her keep up her Russian (she was a Russian major in college). I hope we'll hear from her!

I wonder what this building is... It was near the rink and Dinamo metro. Isn't it gorgeous?


Annie said...

The building IS gorgeous and the card is too funny. I just had my 7/8 graders write thank you notes to the owner of a tea shop who gave us a tasting/lecture....I don't think there was one letter that didn't have something funny in it....usually of the "unnecessary honesty" variety.

Rachael said...

What fun! I'd have loved to have been there with you. And agreed. The card it great. I can't almost hear you holding back that snort. =)