Monday, May 23, 2011

Khamovniki Windows

At Novodyevichy Convent

Khamovniki is the southwestern neighborhood in central Moscow that includes landmarks such as Novodyevichy Convent, the Luzhniki Olympic Sports Complex, St. Nicholas the Weaver Church, and Tolstoy's home. When our friends were visiting two weeks ago, we spent a morning walking around this area. Across from Tolstoy's home are two great and relatively inexpensive places to eat and/or get a drink: Jean-Jacques Bistro and John Bull Pub. Really yummy. We had fish 'n chips and I ordered a cherry ale—DELISH.

At Lev Tolstoy's home.

On Tolstoy's street.

On Tolstoy's street.


Annie said...

Apart from first meeting each of my children, I don't suppose I've experienced such rapture as going to see Tolstoy's home. For weeks after, I put myself to bed at night imagining it again and again, so as not to forget the details. It really makes me cry to think about it.

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