Monday, July 18, 2011

Lazy Summer Days & Assumptions of Alcohol

While still staying at my mom's, Natalia and I went on a some bike rides on a fitness trail that followed the Connecticut river. It was so pretty! We loved going over this old bridge... (You can see her up ahead, annoyed a bit that I was stopping for a picture...!)

Afterwards we cooled off at this gem of a restaurant... They serve the most incredible empanadas, tacos and burritos... I love the "Americana" look of the street and storefront! The little "tree house bench" out front is just perfect, too. We simply ordered Mexican sodas: creme for Natalia and diet coconut for me. Yum!!

We had eaten there earlier in the week with a friend's two boys. I had taken out the hand sanitizer for everyone before we dug in, and I remembered something from Moscow... I gave some of these mini Bath and Bodyworks bottles in neat scents to a student once as a prize for something she had done. The students passed it around, taking a whiff of the coconut lime smell... And someone then piped up, "I can't believe you're giving her alcohol!" Yes, the sanitizers do smell like alcohol before they evaporate on your hands—but I couldn't believe that anyone would think they were actually a DRINK, and an alcoholic one to boot! And that a teacher would give such a thing to a student!

When Starbucks first opened in Moscow, I had a "to go" cup with me when I got in a cab. The driver eyed me drink, and asked, "What's in there? Beer?" When I replied, "No, coffee...", he looked at me as if I were nuts, and muttered, "Whatever for?"


Amanda said...

Looks absolutely beautiful! Glad to see that Nataliya is enjoying her new bike!

Annie said...

I guess if you don't know it could be a fun little shot of some sort....but not tasty.

Banker Chick said...

I am glad you and the kids had a good visit with your mom