Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mila Kunis in Russian

I saw this article on the other day and it made me laugh... I've never seen Mila Kunis act before, but I thought it was really neat how she accepted a marine's invitation to his ball this fall (that he filmed in Iraq and posted to youtube).

Turns out she was born in Ukraine, and here she jumps in to defend Justin Timberlake against a snarky question  by a reporter. She's funny!

Quite a few people in Hollywood are multilingual. Beyond the obvious (Heidi Klum and various Latino actors), there are Brooke Shields (French); Gwyneth Paltrow (Spanish); Michael Vartan (French); and Kristen Scott Thomas (French)—but I just read that Sandra Bullock is a native German speaker! Didn't know that one of her parents is German. 


The Expatresse said...

Mira Sorvino speaks fluent Mandarin, I think. I think Lisa Kudrow does also.

Jody Foster speaks decent French, as well.

Rachael said...

That was kind of cool to hear her speaking Russian like that. I knew she was Ukrainian, but she speaks English so flawless, you kind of forget.