Friday, August 12, 2011

No, You Can't Light It on Fire!

You can now get marshmallows more easily in Moscow... Ironically, the brand is "Rocky Mountain Marshmallows!" Hah! Here are the girls at a big food festival in Moscow this spring where they tried to teach Russians what you DO with marshmallows :-)

 My girls gladly participated in their demo...

And here we now are in the Rocky Mountains, roasting them the REAL way!

Last night we continued our tradition of having a fire and making s'mores with my in-laws' next-door-neighbors on the eve of our departure. Natalia and Andy, one of their sons, are best buddies... He even came over EARLY today to spend time with her before we left for the airport.

Normally we chat, roast/burn our marshmallows and jump on the trampoline—but this year, Natalia got a new idea... Luckily we caught on to what she had in mind before she went through with it!

She actually wanted to light both ends of a big stick on fire and do the following!

Yikes! (But... I bet she would have done brilliantly!)


Banker Chick said...

I am a fan of scorched marshmallows and keep them in the camper at all times. It is hard to believe that someone would have to be shown how to do marshmallows.

Anonymous said...

Several people have told us to try substituting peanut butter cups for the chocolate.

What do Russians think you do with marshmallows? Have they never seen them before?

Cheryl in ID

Tina in CT said...

Wonder if she'll be allowed to do that for the school talent show???

I haven't had a real smore since we all were at Cecelia and Bob's two summers ago. Love them (and Cecelia and Bob).

Rozmin said...

We have that same brand in Geneva, too. Funny thing is I have never seen them in the USA.