Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wonderful Weekend Day in Winter Park, Colorado

This weekend we went to Winter Park, Colorado with friends from when we lived in Michigan (who now live here). What FUN!

Winter Park offers a plethora of fantastic summer activities: mountain biking; an alpine slide; a human maze; safe bungee trampolining, a kids' zip wire; a climbing wall; mini golf; a bounce house; and a gyroscope. Really great! All of the kids ended up loving an activity that initially scared them a bit; it was a great opportunity to build confidence while having a blast.

The maze made me a little sick, but the kids did it over and over!

Who doesn't love a trampoline?

Everyone did this... Some only once!

I also climbed this wall, making it to the top on my first try. I think I earned some "cool mom" points for that one—but I won't share the many pictures Katya took of my rear as I made my way up...! There's an indoor climbing center in Moscow we'll have to visit; Natalia was very good and loved it. 

Our kids all had such a wonderful time together. Katya even went to school with their daughter yesterday and their classes are going to be pen pals! Natalia and their son also became good buddies; to think that the two of them first met seven years ago when we had just moved to Moscow and my friend was still there waiting for her newly-adopted son's passport! Very special.

It goes without saying that their youngest gal stole the show...


Wish we could see our friends more often! And it sure would be nice to spend more time in such beautiful mountains!


Banker Chick said...

It sounds as if you are all having a wonderful time in CO. It is a beautiful. Never been to Winter Park. It looks fun in the summer too

Tina in CT said...

That little girl is absolutely adorable (as are the other 4).

Looks like you all had a fun day.

I did the trampoline at a company outing a few years ago and found the harness extemely painful in pinching leg fat. Never again. I'll stick to the paddle board (after wine).

Beautiful scenery.

I bet Natalia scooted right up that climbing wall.

Anonymous said...

Wow has that place changed. Looks like alot more fun than just the alpine slides I did there when I lived in the Denver area.

My husband seems to only get the rear-end shots of me too. Have never seen a flattering one yet.

Cheryl in ID

Anonymous said...

colorado is the perfect 'meet up with friends' place, if you ask me!!!! glad you are having a great time ; ) girls are beautiful and good to see a pic of you too!
miss you!

Amanda said...

Looks amazing! I would love to visit America one day - and Colorado is definitely on the list.

I love to visit places of natural beauty, so I'm dying to see some of those beautiful natural parks!

Rachael said...

Oh, wow, Katya has gotten SO tall! (Noticing in the first picture!)

My poor little K has not even neared her growth spurt, which is all well and fine for gymnastics. But, it makes her really angry when she is still not tall enough for some rides that her little brother is!! (We stuffed some rolled up socks under her heels in her tennis shoes and squeaked by...)