Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Bolshoi Theater's Historic Stage Reopening—Finally!

It feels as if the Bolshoi has been under renovation since we moved here in 2004... Well, the complete remodel began in 2006, but the scaffolding covering the beautiful facade has been such a sad sight for the past six years that it seems to have lasted much longer. We would have company visit from the US, take them to the Bolshoi, and they would pose forlornly in front of the construction!

This is the facade now, so bright and clean! I took this picture three weeks ago. I could see people going in and out, but the theater wasn't yet open to the public.

A friend of mine took this great picture yesterday! Isn't it clever? Thanks for letting me post it, Gayane!

I went to see Evgeniy Onegin at the original Bolshoi in 1991 and was literally left stunned by the beauty of both the theater and the production... I then took Katya to see Swan Lake for her 4th birthday. As we waited in the buffet area, she started to stretch and use the rails as a barre. I thought she was cute and smiled at her... Then she started to look concerned. "Mom, when do I change into my costume? Shouldn't I be down there by now? They'll be worried where I am!" She actually thought she was going to BE ON STAGE! So many tourists had fun snapping pictures of her as she got ready for her debut... (Don't have any digital versions of those photos available right now; ohhhh, how I wish I did!).

We then went to see Sleeping Beauty, I think,  with my mom on Christmas Even in 2004. We chose to leave Natalia home, and she wasn't very pleased... She blocked the door to to the hall and GLARED at us...

Meanwhile, we had a nice time!

Wonder what we'll go see this year!

One last picture; sorry I couldn't get it to be upright. It's Katya doing ballet in her snowsuit in front of the theater on Christmas 2004 after the performance.


Tina in CT said...

Correction about 2004. I don't believe we went on Xmas Eve but we did not after Xmas. On Xmas Day, we did go to a musical performance at the Kremlin but I think it was just we 3 adults and one of your friends. I don't remember the name of the play and I could go scramble in my scrapbooks but I'm busy cleaning for your arrival tomorrow. The Bolshoi theater is gorgeous and I've enjoyed it so much both times I've gone. We women went the spring when we (Rachael, Cecelia and myself) visited over Mother's Day (Victory Day in Russia). How did you have time to do this as aren't you busy packing?

Banker Chick said...

Oh the imagination of little girls, I miss it. I think that it why I love your Blog so much. What is it about some pictures that won't turn the right direction? It happens some times to my phone pictures.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if you were going to blog on this. There was an article in our newspaper today about the remodel. The article said it was restored to its original detail so I'm sure it stunning.

Cheryl in ID

Annie said...

I sat out in a dark parking lot Friday night, listening to the BBC piece on the opening night..... I thought of you - wondered if you'd snagged an invitation - I wouldn't put anything past you!!!

It was interesting to hear a women, with tears in her voice, talk about the removal of the Soviet symbol.

I had tears in my EYES I wanted to be there so much. (Thought, "Tamara would certainly roll her eyes at my romanticism" - I don't know if you actually roll your eyes, but you get my point.) I'm hopeless.

Lois said...

Adorable photo of Natalia!

Restaurant Brugge said...

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