Friday, October 14, 2011

Getting Ready for Swan Lake—Sort of...

Natalia's after-school drama group is putting on Swan Lake in a few weeks. There's some dancing in it, and the kids are supposed to wear ballet slippers. Natalia is playing the prince's mother and she also needed a white leotard and fancy fan. I spent about four hours taking the metro and walking from place to place until I found a leotard thick and non-scratchy enough to meet Natalia's standards... 

Even though she needed simple white slippers, the shelves lined with satin toe shoes were veritable eye candy... Yum!

I used to think that by living in Moscow, my girls could benefit from classical ballet training... I imagined years of watching them dance, influenced by their early years of exposure. Well, um, not so much. Katya has NO interest in dance, and Natalia is only interested in her OWN dance moves which are much more wild and pop inspired... I think she would enjoy hip hop, but she likes the activities after school so much that she refuses to leave early to go do anything anywhere else.

Here's where I got Natalia's stuff: the Grishko factory store off of Tverskaya. I've seen Grishko products for sale in the US and vowed to do the Grishko factory tour outside of Moscow some time!

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Tina in CT said...

I had visions of dance lessons and private figure skating lessons by the Russian greats. The girls had other ideas. Parents and grandparents often long for one thing and kids have their own minds and we have to accept it. At least I got in quite a few years of smocked dresses.

Love, love, love the pictues of the toe shoes. That had been another young childhood dream of mine. I never stayed with ballet though.

Knowing how the girls hate anything unless it is soft, I am sure you had quite the task of finding a leotard she would accept.

Wish I were there for the performance!!!!!!