Thursday, October 13, 2011

Звуки Музыки... The Sound of Music!

"The Moscow streets are alive... with the sound of music..."

Yes, yes, the new musical for this year at THE theater for musicals is "The Sound of Music"! When we first saw the billboards advertising it upon our return to Moscow in August, the girls and I literally shrieked with glee!

The premiere was last weekend; we'll go sometime soon. I can't wait to see how they've translated the songs and how the movie is reworked on stage... The Russian stage version will also be different from how it was presented on Broadway; the Russian production team was granted permission to tweak it according to their vision.

So far I think the translation of Do-Re-Mi is neat; they picked entirely different images to illustrate the notes... "So" is for "solomka" laying on the table (pretzel sticks--a neat choice since it works in both Russian and Austrian culture).

Here is a promotional video released by the theater in August; the cast was in Salzburg for inspiration...

Here are some clips from an open rehearsal in September:

Here are some clips from when the premiere was covered in the news:


Tina in CT said...

I'd love to see that on stage.

Last fall I met 4 of Maria's great grandchildren when they performed at Yankee Candle and the girls wear Maria's dirndl dresses. I did buy the CD.

Anonymous said...

Sounds great!
I hope you will go and see it and tell us how it really is.
It sounds to me that they are saying - "sol v solonke na stole",
but I am not sure.
Good luck getting tickets.

Hevel said...

Oh, I love the translation of The Sound of Music to Hungarian! It, too, deviates from the English original in Do, Re, Mi. :) What I liked about the show in Budapest was that they didn't try to look like the film, just did their own thing: Maria had curly black hair!