Tuesday, June 19, 2012

"The Passenger from San Francisco"

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This evening Katya, her friend Spencer and I made our debuts as an officially paid actors; we did some voice-overs for a Russian-American film, "The Passenger from San Francisco"! It was SO much fun!

The kids were VERY excited beforehand; I took them out for some Italian while we waited for the studio to be ready for us. Since Spencer and his family are moving to England this summer, it was really nice that these two got to share a special experience before we all set off this summer.

The film is about a mafia war between the Russians and Americans, and Katya's character is shown in the trailer... She's a Russian-American girl who is kidnapped with her brother (me and Spencer). The kids are forced into drugs and we basically recorded their final scene when their father rescues them—but too late, since they're dying from pills they were told to take. Rather morbid, but the director was wonderful, and had the kids work in a way that they weren't scared.

We had to go to two studios—underneath the Olimpiskiy arena, and then next the British embassy. It was fun to do something different! The director was excited to meet us and is going to use us in the future!

The kids were really excited to each earn $50...


Tina in CT said...

Wahoo! How exciting! Is this through your actress friend?

Katya's first paycheck!!!! She'll need to open a bank account here this summer.

I can't play videos on my laptop so I'll watch/listen to it on your Mac when you are here NEXT WEEK.

Was N's nose out-of-joint since she couldn't do it?

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Nights End said...

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Krystal Moore

Delima said...

Nice captures...thanks for sharing.