Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Big Hearty Welcome to COOK HOUSE!


A fantastic shop has just opened in Moscow, as close to Sur la Table or Williams Sonoma as you could hope for here...

Their flagship 2-level store is in the Kapitolii Shopping Mall, Prospect Vernadskova, at metro Universityet. They have another location in the Zolotoy Vavilon Rostokino Mall, Prospect Mira, at metro VDNKh.

They sell all kinds of cooking gadgets, cookware and dining ware, along with linens and cook books. Brands include Emile Henry, Jamie Oliver, Bodum, & Webber. They don't sell any rare ingredients (no vanilla bean extract, for example), but they do have other items from America that I've never been able to find here: Wilton's gel food coloring; supplies for cake decorating and fondant; various sizes of cupcake liners; great spatulas... LOTS of silicone baking molds, too. They even have cake carriers and racks for drying homemade pasta—the same model I got in a small shop in Rome!

The baking cups are 285 rubles, $9.50. Yes, that same pack costs $6 on amazon, so it still makes sense to stock up on a much cheaper version of the liners when back in the US—but at least there's a now a place where you COULD get stuff you run out of! The prices in general range from 2-3x more expensive than in the US, but they're still well within or below the general prices of Moscow (here I'm talking about items that exist in other shops, too). The large Wilton cake carrier costs 1500 rubles, roughly $50; I got it at Michaels in the US with a 40% off coupon (original price: $24). Still... The colleague of mine who has been WISHING for one will be thrilled to know they're now sold in Russia...

It's great that they have the pasta rack (see top shelf) and MANY accessories for making ravioli—but they don't have the hand-crank pasta maker you really need in order to use all these other items. I pointed this out and the clerk was thankful for the suggestion.

I must say that the staff there was very kind, and the woman I spoke with still seemed to be blown away by everything in the store; until she had started working there, it would never have even occurred to her that many of the items they sell could even exist. She has been having fun discovering uses for everything!

You can also attend cooking classes there, lead by chefs who focus on various themes (for this month) such as: Soups and Stocks; French Cooking; Cooking for Little Ones; Meat & Game; Halloween; Italian Food... They do adult and child parties, too. Whoever planned this store was spot-on; this niche was completely untapped until now.

Their website is:, and you can email them for more information at: Phone number: 8.800.100.05.04.