Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Bursting with Glorious Color

These bikes make me drool. Literally. They're beautiful icing on Spring & Summer, decorating GUM (for sale and displayed cleverly all over the place) and also for rent at Gorky Park.

Color from our own home; the Easter Bunny brought Jelly Bellies! The girls have had fun blindfolding each other and seeing if it's possible to identify the 49 (!!) flavors. 

The shopping mall where I go to grocery shop used to have a Japanese restaurant on the bottom floor. It's now closed, and there's a sign up that an Italian one will be replacing it—but while they're switching them out, they have completely covered the area with plastic and balloons. How on earth anyone can do any renovations under this is beyond me, and I just keep thinking of the poor environment! The balloons get all flacid within days, and they somehow remove them all and put out new ones...

Gorky Park's Spring/Summer theme was unveiled on May 1st—Beaches all over the World. It's pretty great and I'll do a post on that separately once we get a chance to do it all. In the meantime, I love the colorful fish gracing the main entrance!

Colorful macaroons from the girls' favorite bakery, Volkonsky. YUM.

Gorgeous arial decorations at Tretyakovsky Passazh. So unexpected as I passed through there, and so beautiful!

A Victory Day (May 9th, the end of WW II—a MAJOR holiday in Russia) display at the grocery store in GUM. Deliciously retro and nostalgic...

So, yes, tomorrow is Victory Day! The city is covered in flags and its most beautiful! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Victory Day decorations... Here's a preview of what I'll be posting after attending the celebrations tomorrow.

After I picked up Natalia from school, we stopped at wholesale florist to get flowers the girls will give to WW II veterans tomorrow at Victory Park and Red Square. This is one of my favorite, favorite Russian traditions... We'll meet up with many students and graduates from our school who will come to search out the war hero 90-year-old mother of one of our most beloved teachers of history...

So. Glad. It. Is. Finally. Spring!


Rachael said...

Love the pictures! Looks beautiful. Wish I were there now. =)

Tina in CT said...

Everything is so bright, colorful and beautiful. Wish we all were there again to enjoy it with you and the girls. I'll never forget what fun we all had and leaving Victory Park with Chris and two of the kids with the crowds.

Hope you find the history teacher's 90 year old mother.

Have fun tomorrow. Looking forward to the pictures.

Is the bakery the one you took me to?

Banker Chick said...

How I have enjoyed reading your Spring posts. The girls are growing up into lovely young ladies. Spring has been a long time coming to us in the Midwest, and it is glorious.
Katie atBankerchick Scratchings