Thursday, May 2, 2013

"Fill the World with Bubbles!"

"Fill the World with Bubbles..." So said the sign this girl above held today at "Dreamflash," an recent—and now annual—event that takes place over the May holidays in Moscow. Last year it was held on Old Arbat Street, with thousands of youths showing up in joyful costumes and blowing bubbles for a few hours. This year the event was held at VDNKh, the All-Russia Expo Center (Exhibition of Achievements of National Agriculture) at Prospect Mira. Katya and I went, armed with bubbles, scooters and my camera. 

There were LOTS of signs and smiling faces. The one above reads "Welcome, Spring!" 

Although this young woman's sign read "Live each moment like you were the last!" (Hey, at least she tried to get it right in English...), she certainly didn't match the mood of the crowd with her somber look... 

I've always loved this fountain representing friendship between all of the Soviet Republics, each female figure holding up what grows best in her republic. 

"The Way to Happiness and Smiles." Blowing bubbles, of course. 

This trio of friends was REALLY into it! 

There were teenagers and university students everywhere, and the costumes were so colorful and fun. This was the most youth I've seen gathered anywhere for an "impromptu" mob setting other than at a protest against Putin/corruption.

The main entrance to the exhibition center, sometimes referred to as "the wedding cake." 

"All You Need Is Love!"

All in all, this was definitely a celebration of Spring after a LONG winter. 

On our way out, we walked past all of the space sculptures. 


Tina in CT said...

Looks familiar so have you taken me there.

Looks like it was fun.

Tina in CT said...

What a beautiful blue sky. Natural (or did they seed the clouds)?