Monday, June 24, 2013

Nice Place to Escape from Moscow for a Weekend in Pushchino

A friend of mine just finished building/designing an apartment 120 km southwest of Moscow in an academic town called Pushchino, and she's looking to rent it out to people who would like a break from city life in Moscow for a weekend, week or even longer.

I wrote about the city a little when we first visited it in 2010; in those photos the city is covered in snow and people cross-country skied through town. In warmer weather the atmosphere is completely different; everything is a rich in hues of green, with trees and flowers everywhere and people swimming in the Oka.

My friend's apartment is at the edge of the city, with all windows from the living room/kitchen, a balcony and a bedroom looking on out the river, fields and forest. This is a view of "Real Russia," the expanse that inspired Marina Tsvetaeva when she looked out at the same river and at a similar view from her dacha in another town. This is a great place to go for walks and enjoy being outdoors.

The apartment is 100 square meters, and it comfortably sleeps five. It has wifi and modern conveniences such as a washer/dryer and dishwasher. There are two bedrooms with queen-sized beds, one full bathroom, a wide open family room with a kitchen/dining area/reading nook/sofa, and a semi-private room with a fold-out couch. In addition, there are two covered balconies. The rear windows face into a quiet courtyard. The apartment is on the 7th floor and an elevator is being installed. It is brand-new, only lived in for a weekend here or there by the owner since completion.

The interior is absolutely lovely and done to very high standards. It's the kind of place where you feel very peaceful and far, far away from the stresses of Moscow life.

Please contact the owner, Elena, directly with any inquiries. The price is reasonable and competitive, depending on how many nights one would like to stay. Email: Phone: +7 (915) 398-24-04. She speaks Russian and English.


Tina in CT said...

Very pretty. How nice that you all got to get away and use it last weekend. Elena the actress?

Annie said...

My gosh - that hardly looks like Russia! I wouldn't know where I was! Gorgeous, though - absolutely.

Rachael said...

Oh, man, how on earth did you get a Sochi volunteer job? I applied like six different ways!